Soheil Asgarpour

Soheil Asgarpour, PhD, P. Eng., FCAE, FCIM

Following a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University of Houston, Texas, Dr. Soheil Asgarpour has, over some 40 years, progressed in petroleum engineering through Chief Engineer and Chief Operating Officer ranks and government strategic advisory roles to become a recognized leader in petroleum collaborative innovation, research, development, demonstration and deployment as President of the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada PTAC, which, since 2007, has grown more than 10-fold under his leadership. In 2017, Soheil incorporated the Clean Resources Innovation Network (CRIN), which recently received a Government of Canada SIF award of $100 million to enable advancement of sustainable, clean innovative technologies for the petroleum sector.

Soheil’s commitment to engineering technical development is further evidenced by his many years on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Petroleum Technology, followed by serving as a Director and national Chair of the Petroleum Society of CIM and as national CIM President. Within the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Soheil chairs the Western Region chapter of CAE Fellows and is the 2020-21President-elect of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

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