If you are in agreement with the objectives and activities of CSSE and would like to become involved, you should consider joining us. CSSE is the only Member Society of The Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) that has a charitable organization status. The roots of CSSE are with the Life Members Organization (LMO) of the EIC. The LMO membership came from retired engineers from all the Member Societies of EIC and its support of youth projects was traditional. When CSSE was formed it carried on and expanded the work of the LMO.

If you are a graduate engineer, senior in age or experience, retired, semi-retired or still practicing, you are eligible for membership. There are no prerequisites with respect to previous or current membership in other engineering societies or regulatory bodies. If you are a graduate in a non-engineering discipline and have experience in work associated with the profession of engineering, you may be eligible for Associate Membership.

Benefits of Membership
The Objectives and Activities section of this website provides details of the benefits of membership, but to summarizes, they are as follows:

• Maintain contact with colleagues, regionally and nationally;
• Support youth oriented projects;
• Have input on issues of national and regional interest;
• Have input on the formal recognition of deserving colleagues.


The membership fee for the first six months of 2019 is $50.  Annual membership fees are due by January 1st. You can pay by cheque or by credit card. To pay by cheque make it out to CSSE and send it to The Canadian Society of Senior Engineers, 464 Briar Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 5H6.

To pay by credit card, click on the link below.  Once you have chosen an amount and CHECKOUT, you will be connected to the PayPal credit card system which will take your credit card payment and forward it to the CSSE.  If you wish to also make a donation, you can also do so before CHECKING OUT.
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Additional donations made to support the charitable activities of the society will be eligible for tax receipts. Any amount of donation can be made by cheque, but credit card donation amounts must be in multiples of $25, $100 or $200. You can make as many transactions as you want (ADD TO CART) and PayPal will total them before you CHECK OUT.
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If you have questions about CSSE, you are encouraged to contact