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Dr. Axel Meisen, FCAE, FCSSE has been recognized with the 2020 Leopold Nadeau Award of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.
Axel participates in meetings of the CSSE in Victoria held under the auspices of the Vancouver Island Engineering Society (VIES).

Congratulations to Colin Smith, FCSSE, on being awarded the 2020 Engineers Canada Meritorious Service award. This national award by his Professional Engineers peers is a well deserved recognition, as Vancouver Island Engineering Society (VIES) Victoria and Canadian Society of Senior Engineers (CSSE) national colleagues have experienced first hand.

Dr. Alan Winter, FCSSE, has published his B.C. Innovation Commissioner’s Final Report. It’s author, Dr. Alan Winter, is a CAE Fellow and a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Senior Engineers (FCSSE) and a Past Chair of our CSSE Vancouver Island Engineering Society (VIES). Our in-coming VIES Chair, Dr. Murray Gray is also an FCAE.

November 28, 2016

Our Main Infastructure Works-Whose Responsibility, a paper on the deteriorating state of Canada’s Infrastructure written by Jean-Guy René, Eng. (Chairman), André Biron, Eng., Francis  Corbett, John H. Dinsmore, Eng. and Rémy Dussault, Eng.  is now available on the APEGA web pages at

Aug 30, 2016

Nick Malychuk and Fred Otto have been the recipients of the past 2 SAGE, (Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton),Science and Technology awards, Nick in 2015 and Fred in 2016.

March 17, 2016

Jean-Guy René has been awarded the Engineering Institute of Canada K. Y. Lo Medal for his leadership and world-class contributions to electrical generation and distribution systems in Canada and internationally.

Ron Gilkie is now a Director of the Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc.

Colin Smith has been awarded the UBC Faculty of Applied Science Dean’s Medal of Distinction.

Jonathon Beddoes has been awarded a Fellowship by the Engineering Institute of Canada.

December 07, 2015

Chan Wirasinghe received The Medal of Excellence from the World Federation of Engineering Organizations,  More information can be found at here.


November 15, 2015

Ken Putt was awarded the D.C. Lambert Professional Service Award at the APEGBC President’s Awards Gala

Kim Sturgess has been recognized with the 2015 ASTech Foundation Award for Community Contribution.

Jerry Cutter has published a new paper on threshold concentration for radon in air. Read more

Jon Jennekens OC has been awarded the Sir John Kennedy Medal the senior award 0f the Engineering Institute of Canada for outstanding service rendered to the engineering profession.

Nelson Ferguson has been awarded the John B Stirling Medal by the Engineering Institute of Canada for leadership and distinguished service at the national level of the Institute.

Jean-Guy René has been awarded a Fellowship by the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Andy Jones has been awarded a Fellowship by the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Colin Smith has been elected to the position of Secretary of then Victoria Airport Authority and Chairman of the Governance committee.

Gerrie Kautz has published his 8th book “Start and Run an Internet Research Business” reference

Pieter Van Vliet has been appointed an Ambassador for Engineers Canada.

Kim Sturgess has been awarded a CIC/SCI Canada medal in recognition for her industrial success “Alberta WaterSMART”.

Ron Gilkie is a recent recipient of the Dalhousie University Alumni Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ron Brittton became an Honorary Life Member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba.

Jon Jennekens presented a citation recognizing the Centenary of the Canadian Submarine Service Citation to RAdm Pat Finn RCN, and Cdr(ret) Bill Irvine RCN (Ret’d.) at a ceremony in Ottawa.

Ron Gilkie and Terry Hennigar presented a citation recognizing the Centenary of the Canadian Submarine Service to Terry Chatham of SAOC (East) at a ceremony in Halifax.

Ron Gilkie and Nelson Ferguson presented a citation recognizing the Centenary of the Canadian Submarine Service to Cdr Randy Truscott of the MAROPS GRP 5 HQ at a luncheon at HMC Dockyard, Halifax.

A submission to the Government of Canada prepared by Jon Jennekens OC P.Eng.  titled “A Submission by the Canadian Society for Senior Engineers to the Expert Review Panel on Medical Isotope Production” has been added to the CSSE Advocacy pages. In the submission Mr. Jennekens first outlines the history of Canadian involvement in the production of Medical Isotopes, then discusses the state of Medical Isotope production in 2009 and then provides some conclusions and advice on how to move this niche but important Canadian industry forward.

Eric Newell FCSSE recently  received  two noteworthy awards:

  1. A “Distinguished Friend of Education” award from the Council of Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). The award honours advancing education at an educational institution even though he was not a graduate of that institution.
  2. The 2014 “Friend of Education” award from the Canadian Council for the  Advancement of Education (CCAE)

Arnold Eyre has a new e-mail address:

Arnold Eyre, FCSSE has begun his treatise on “How Canada could do better”. The premise he will start with is; “Canada’s a great country, if not the best. Our lifespan expectancy is over 81 years, 12th among the 208-or-so sovereign nations. And the vast majority of those years are lived happily, at least contentedly.”  Anyone wishing more information or interested in contributing can contact Arnold at

Leonard A. Bateman FCSSE, who was the first President of CSSE, will be awarded the Julian C. Smith Medal at the EIC Gala March 15 in Ottawa. The Julian C. Smith medal was first presented in 1939 and is for Achievement in the Development of Canada.

EIC Fellowships for exceptional contributions to Engineering in Canada will be awarded to CSSE members Bruce R. Peachey and S. Chan Wirasinghe at the Gala.

Jerry Cuttler has produced another paper titled “Remedy for Radiation Fear–Discard the Politicized Science”.  It can be found at:

CSSE Honorary Member Dr. Paul Antrobus along with CSSE Board Member Pieter Van Vliet made the presentation of the CSSE Donation to the Saskatchewan Science Centre Youth Summer Science Camp Program on August 29, 2013. Read more

On December 6, CSSE President Jean-Guy René and CSSE Director Tom Madanda presented copies of the CSSE Astronauts Citations to Dr. Jean-Marc Comtois at the Canadian Space Agency in Longueil, Quebec. View Photo

Jim McFarlane of Port Coquitlam, B.C., President of International Submarine Engineering, Ltd., who has been named “The 2013 David Packard Distinguished Lecturer”, presented his paper “Genesis and Metamorphosis of Underwater Work Capability” to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, California on November 6.

Drew Wilson of Ottawa has accepted an appointment to the new ASME Committee on Engineering and Public Policy for the next two years.

Guy Van Uytven of Victoria was the consulting electrical engineer on The Cape Scott Wind Farm on the remote tip of Vancouver Island which just received the “Project of the Year” award from Clean Energy BC.

Eric Newell of Edmonton has been appointed to chair a Canadian Council of Academies (CCA) Panel looking into possible/promising new technologies for Canada’s Oil Sands.

At Dalhousie University Dean of Engineering’s Christmas Reception on December 4, Ron Gilkie of Halifax was cited as Engineering Alumnus of the year.

Maja Veljkovic has been awarded a Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellowship.

Jon Jennekens has been named a Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellow.

Leo Flaman has been appointed to the public members roster for the discipline and appeals and sanction agreement panels of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta.

Jerry Cuttler’s paper, “Commentary on Fukushima and beneficial effects of low radiation“, was presented to The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in Ottawa on June 25.

Eric Newell has been voted as “Canada’s Greatest Oilman” by his peers.

Jerry Cuttler was appointed member of the International Nuclear Energy Academy (INEA)

Neil Lund, Soheil Asgarpour and Andy Jones are the subject of an article “Never Stop Learning” in the June edition of the PEG.  The full article can be found on page 38 of the following link:

Gordon Lindsay was the recipient of the Canadian Pacific Railway Medal in recognition of many years of leadership and service at the regional, branch and section levels by members of the Societies within the Institute at the EIC Gala May 28, in Montreal.

Colin Smith was the recipient of the Canadian Pacific Railway Medal in recognition of many years of leadership and service at the regional, branch and section levels by members of the Societies within the Institute at the EIC Gala May 28, in Montreal.

Dick Frey is now an EIC Fellow in recognition of excellence in engineering and services to the profession and to society at the EIC Gala May 28, in Montreal.

Ron Britton has been named a Professor Emeritus at The University of Manitoba, and has received the 2013 Meritorious Service Award – Professional Services at the Engineers Canada Gala Yellowknife on June 8.

Ken Putt is the recipient of the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) Chairman’s Award for 2013.

Ron Gilkie was made a Warden of the Corporation of the Seven Wardens, Inc. at their 2013 AGM in Montreal, and will be the representative for the Atlantic Provinces.

Jerry Cuttler’s “Commentary on Fukushima and beneficial effects of low radiation” is available on The Internet at:

CSSE Members Awarded
H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals

• Michael Ball, Ottawa                        • Dennis Paddock, Regina
• Len Bateman, Winnipeg                   • Colin Smith, Victoria
• John Evans, St. John’s                     • Pieter Van Vliet, Regina
• Jon Jennekens, Ottawa                   • Ramsay Withers, Ottawa
• Eric Newell, Edmonton

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