Larisa Hutcheson

Larisa Hutcheson, P.Eng.

Larisa graduated from McGill University in 1990 with a B.Eng. ( Chemical Engineering). Following graduation Lisa joined Victoria’s Capital Regional District (CRD) which is a regional government for municipalities and three electoral areas on southern Vancouver Island. She now has 30 years of experience as a professional engineer managing local government services delivery at the regional level in the areas of parks, recreation, waste managment, environmental managment and community outreach. She is an accomplished leader successful in building and manageing teams and a trusted, reliable advisor to Board members and senior managment. Her areas of practice expertise include infrastructure capital planning, engineering problem solving and strtegic decsion making. Since 2014, Larisa has served as General Manager, Parks for CRD. An example of recent leadership accomplishments is completion of an expeansion of Vancouver Island’s regional trail system through CRD’s protected watershed lands.

Larisa is a keen member of Iron Ring Camp 23 and as also served as the Board Chair of the Vancouver Island Chapter of the Air and Waste Managment Association, as Scouts Canada leader and as Board Chair of Citizen Advocacy, a local non-profit entiry.

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