James Olson

James Olson, P.Eng., FCAE

Dr. James Olson graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics in 1991 and with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 1996. Prior to joining the Mechanical Engineering Department of the UBC Faculty of Applied Science in 1999, James was a Research Engineer with the Pulp and Paper Institute of Canada.

James is internationally recognized for his contributions to Pulp and Paper applied research, particularly in fibre-related optimization technologies, where he has developed licensed intellectual property and, with an industrial partner, commercialized his inventions. His most noteworty innovations have been the commercialization of two new pulp screen rotor designs. These new Canadian rotor designs decrease electrical power consumption by 52% over conventional technology and are now deployed in more than 100 pulp mills world-wide. The beneficial economic and environmental impact is significant.

As Dean of Appliied Science since 2018, James has demonstrated great leadership within the Faculty, is a respected mentor of engineering students and is noteworthy in his extensive utilization of Engineering students in his research and his industrial innovation. His teaching has contributed to the development of the Pulp and Paper Engineering program at UBC. James has over 180 refereed publications and has received many awards for his contributions to Pulp and Paper technology including APEGBC’S Meritorious Achievment Award, 2014 and NSERC- Discover Acclerator Supplement, 2013. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and of the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada. He is a EGBC Professional Engineer and a member of the Canadian Society of Senior Engineeers.

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