Digvir Jayas

Digvir Jayas, PhD, PEng, OC, FCAE, FEC

Dr. Digvir Jayas is Vice-President (Research and International) at the University of Manitoba, Distinguished Professor, and Professor of Biosystems Engineering.

He is noteworthy for his contribution, through Biosystems Engineering research, to advancements to agricultural practices worldwide, especially in grain storage and preservation,
and for promotion of academic and scientific research in Canada. Awarders of note in Canada include Order of Canada (Officer), Engineering Institute of Canada, NSERC, Engineers Canada, and Royal Society of Canada.

As a Professor, Dr. Jayas has supervised the theses of 85 graduate students and has contributed to or authored over 900 publications.

Digvir is a registered Professional Engineer with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba and a Fellow of The Canadian Academy of Engineering.

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