Youth Science Canada

Youth Science Canada
Youth Science Canada is focused on ensuring that:

  • youth are engaged in science through inquiry activities and projects;
  • educators and parents value an inquiry-based approach to science learning;
  • youth are recognized for achievements in science; resources and tools exist to support inquiry and critical thinking in science; and
  • youth with the potential for excellence in science are identified and supported.

Youth Science Canada does this through four major program areas, targeting youth and educators – in both official languages:

  • Science projects and science fairs – science projects in schools and homes; regional science fairs in every province and territory; the weeklong Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF); and Team Canada;
  • Smarter Science / ÉducaSciences – a framework, resources, and workshops for teaching and learning science through inquiry for teachers in grades 1-12;
  • SMARTS – our online community for youth and the adults who support them; and
  • School Campaigns – Invent the Future and Youth Science Month – national campaigns that provide teachers in 11,000 schools (every school in the country with grades 7-12/Cégep) with information on inquiry, project-based science, science fairs, and the achievements of Canada’s young scientists.

The National Science Fairs Program engages over 500,000 kids each year, who work in schools and homes across Canada on projects based on our resources. Over 100 Youth Science Canada-affiliated regional science fairs, in every province and territory, support local teachers and provide approximately 25,000 students with the opportunity to showcase their projects, participate in STEM-based activities, and interact with scientists, engineers, and educators who evaluate their work.

In 1996, Youth Science Canada was a recipient of the Industry Canada (now NSERC PromoScience) Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion and was honoured in 2003 by the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) with its Community Hero Award for innovative use of information technology. We are inspired by the potential of Canada’s youth to improve the world and increase our country’s prosperity; we make programs and resources to help realize that potential.